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factsheet hermit crab

Caring for your Hermit Crabs

They are a Tropical animal so they like humid warm environment with-in a temperature of 21-30 Celsius.  They do not breed in captivity.


  • Hermit crabs cannot swim, be careful they don’t drown
  • Freshly cleaned carpets can make them sick
  • They can loose a limb, but they grow back after moulting
  • After moult once a year they will require a bigger shell
  • Do not remove the old shell as they will eat it as is provides them with nutrients needed to grow a new shell
  • Fresh de-chlorinated water must always be available along with a salt water for bathing in
  • Make sure un-eaten food is removed daily
  • Hermit crabs Best kept in Glass or plastic tank with a lid, and they enjoy

Ornament, rocks and sticks for climbing on

  • They require a nutrionally balance diet of Hermit crab food and also fresh fruit, vegetable
  • They require Dry gravel bedding. If bedding gets wet they could develop a cold and die. Ensure bedding is always dry





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