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factsheet goldfish

Caring for your Goldfish

GOLDFISH - are a hardy fish suitable for outdoor ponds or inside aquariums. They are a fresh water / cold water fish. Life span is 10 + years.

FEEDING: Once a day ONLY or 5 times a week
Do not over feed fish, use the 30 second rule.... Sprinkle food into aquarium watch the fish feed for 30 seconds, if there is still food left over then you have put too much food in. If all the food is eaten in the 30 seconds you have feed the correct amount. The biggest mistake is over feeding over feeding pollutes the water. Do not feed newly introduced fish for the first 2 days.

INTRQDUCING NEW FISH: Never overcrowd your aquarium.
Always introduce fish slowly to the new environment about 20 min Float bag.
Add no more than 3-4 small fish into aquarium at once.
Do not feed newly introduced fish for the first 2 days.

MAINTANCE:  Do not take fish out of tank when cleaning.
Always add water ager/conditioner, it removes harmful chlorine and chloramine from tap water. Salt: 1 teaspoon/5litres, use only pure or aquarium salt.
Clean algae off glass regular water change % water weekly to every 10 days. Test water condition with your ph test kit, clean filter material.
DO NOT clean filter in tap or hot water.
Remove ¼ of water,  replace fresh water with ager and salt.
Fish don’t run out of water but they do run out of oxygen. Clean impeller and housing every 3 months.
Biological filter material, breaks down the waist, it’s full of live helpful bacteria.
Replace lighting every 9 months.
Good water flow is essential for a healthy aquarium or pond.
Surface agitation is important to allow gas exchange.
Gas exchange is important to oxygenate the water.
Airstones  = oxygen.  Very important to fish.

STARTING OUT:  Essential items,  Ph test essential water ager is essential.
Appropriate size bowl or tank choose small gravel thin layer. Set up tank away from direct
sunlight.  Pre-wash gravel first in water and water ager.  Choose decorative ornaments for
fish to swim around for protection.

FIGHTER FISH:  Llife span 1 year. One male per tank. Use  to living in small pockets of water.
Tropical conditions warm 24-25° if cold conditions, change water regularly.

Healthy fish = Healthy water






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