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factsheet Birds

Caring for your Budgies

FOOD: Use a Quality Budgie seed. Give one heaped Tablespoon per day per bird in the mornings. Make sure to blow off the excess husk every day.

WATER: Supply fresh water every day, wash bowl regularly.

WORMING: Budgies need to be wormed on a monthly basis.

FRUIT: Chopped or grated. eg corn kernels, apple, pear, carrots, banana, peas twice a week, remove left overs.

MINERALS and VITAMINS are essential. Mineral block or bell,
cuttlebone, shell grit, or as a liquid in their water.

SUNLIGHT or VITAMIN D: The morning sun is best 2-3 hours per day

HYGINE: Cage must be cleaned 3 times a week, clean perch once a week.

SUPPLEMENTS: Spray millet is highly nutritious and a natural food – however, adult birds should NOT get more than 2"-6“ long piece per week.

TOYS: Birds love toys to play with mirrors, bells, balls are suitable.
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